This nine-unit apartment building is located in Nakameguro, Tokyo. By creating the in-between space at the windows, the design attempts to overcome and redefine the experience of living in a typical low-rise apartment in a highly dense environment of Tokyo, where the spaces, views, and distances between buildings are generally compromised. The design is to create this in-between space that is framed around the window area and can function as an extension of the bed, bench, table, or shelves, depending on its height and configuration in relation to the living space. A resident’s life is enriched by these functional spaces as an interface for reading books, listening to music, eating and simply relaxing like a cat at the window. A variation in the depth and size of the windows distorts the perspectives that diffuse the sense of depth and distance in space, thus distorting the sense of scale and privacy as a body. Because of this experience, your internal dimension of “mind” takes over the space as if you were in a teahouse. The spaces in between are punctured in the dead space around the building, but they become the most livable spaces, the happiest and most mindful places for the inhabitants.


Collaboration with ISSHO, Shuji Tada (Structure)

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