A mixed-use building consists of a restaurant, apartments, and the owner’s residence, located in Nakameguro, Tokyo. The idea is to archive a consistent and minimalist exterior envelope while accommodating a variety of internal program and their spacial requirements. The design has carefully controlled sizes and patterns of the edge and corner conditions, especially controlling the sectional details of the window sash in relationship to the terrace openings, and it emphasizes ‘STEP’ effect in RC cast structure to create a sense of depth, even for this flat pancake building. The design intent is to pose a question and a challenge on the threshold of architectural design, how MUCH detail design is required to be a MINIMALIST building, but also how can architect define a building as an architecture with MORE detail to look LESS? The building consists of a series of FRAMES in careful dimensions to impregnate the variety of urban functions and programmes into a dimension of architecture.


Collaboration with ISSHO, Shuji Tada(Structure)  Photo: Kouichi Torimura

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