Pavilion of Singapore at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition– La Biennale di Venezia


“Space to Imagine, Room for Everyone” goes behind Singapore’s infrastructure, its modern cityscape and beyond the walls of private abodes to look at how the city and its people are interacting and using the environments.The theme celebrates People and their Creative Actions in forging social bonds,new identities and and connections to Place. The Singapore Pavilion will showcase a selection of works in three segments: People and their Homes, People engaging the City and People working the Land.


“Space to Imagine, Room for Everyone” esplora il dietro le quinte dell’architettura di Singapore, frutto di un’attenta pianificazione e il suo moderno paesaggio urbano per mettere al centro della scena le persone e i loro gesti creativi che danno vita a nuove identità, nuove relazioni con i luoghi e nuovi legami sociali. Il Padiglione di Singapore esporrà una selezione di lavori suddivisa in tre segmenti: Le Persone e le loro case, le Persone e la città e le Persone e la terra.


Wong Yunn Chii (Lead Curator), Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore

Tomohisa Miyauchi (Co-Curator and Lead Exhibitor), Senior Lecturer, Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore

Teo Yee Chin (Co-Curator and Designer for the Singapore Pavilion), Principal, Red Bean Architects

Photo: Dong Wong

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